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Hi everyone! Welcome to the brand spanking new Bill Evans Banjo Blog. Thanks to Bev and Steve Tracey at SitesToGo for helping set up this page and for tips on getting started.  I’ll be checking in as often as I can with notes from the road (including Russia this August), banjo playing tips and much more. I appreciate your comments about what you read and thanks for joining me on what I hope will be a fun journey. 

Most of you probably know that I’ve spent much of the last year recording and releasing my new CD In Good CompanyWhat began as a modest project, quickly blossomed into the most ambitious recording of my career. Since Native and Fine Records is my own one-person record label, I’ve been involved with every aspect of the recording, production, distribution and publicity of this project. It’s been a lot of work but it’s been an incredibly rewarding experience, largely because it’s brought me into contact with many wonderful professionals whose own work inspires me to do my best.

In addition to the 26 musicians who perform on the project, I count designer/musician Pharis Romero, photographers Mike Melnyk and Matt Read, engineers Tom Size,  Ben Surratt and Glen Barratt, co-producer Stephen Mougin, film maker Sarah Fisher, publicist Devon Leger, and Burnside Distribution and IODA (Independent Online Music Alliance) as crucial co-creators who allowed me to open the door a bit wider to see more of what was artistically possible. Thanks to you all.

In any life venture, especially an artistic one, the support of friends and family is very important. I give credit to my immediate family – my wife Kathy, my children Jesse and Corey and my sister Linda – along with friends Sonny Osborne, Tony Trischka, Ann Jefferson, Jody Stecher, Chris Pandolfi, Wes Corbett, Steve Martin (no, not the famous actor – but the Kentucky lawyer- they both play banjo, however!), Gretchen Snyder, Ned Luberecki, Karen Webb, Gene and Gayla Mills, Elmo Shropshire, Dan Stacey, Richie Dotson, Cindy Sinclair, Chuck Ziegler, Steve Smith, Alan Munde, Chris Sanders, Tim May, Bruce and Kelly Stockwell and many others who have offered their encouragement and support for many years. Each, in their own way, have pushed me to do better work. Thanks to you all.

And thanks to you for your support and for being a part of this particular new adventure. I will follow up very soon with a few behind the scenes stories of the making of the video “The Distance Between Two Points.” Have you seen it yet? If not, check it out:

I look forward to talking with you again real soon!

All the best,

Bill Evans



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